Hamilton Manufacturing Inc. manufactures Thermolok ™ cellulose insulation products for energy efficient housing.

Thermolok InCide pest control (PC) ™ insulation is a unique product that provides both high thermal performance and the added advantage of pest control. InCide PC™ insulation meets the safety standards of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission

Our cellulose insulation products are energy efficient for housing, commercial and industrial projects.

The products are made from recycled paper and 100% boron, producing the greenest and safest insulation on the market. Cellulose insulation naturally resists the change of temperature making it ideal for energy efficient residential, commercial, and industrial installation. Boron ensures the longevity of a structure while creating a firewall rating of up to one hour and is also a natural pest control substance. Our products contain no potentially harmful chemicals and reduce sound movement, reduce air flow between walls and ceiling, resist mold, and provides pest control and wood preservation.